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Police Codes.org welcomes you. I have plans for a nice Police Codes lookup site. Where you can research any Police Code in the United States.

As I’ve been researching the various Police Codes and Signals I continue to be reminded of how large our Country really is as well as how diverse it it. I have lists upon lists from the various Police departments in the various Cities and States in the United States.

As I compile what I find and organize, the site will continue to evolve with the goal of ease of use to find the correct local Police Codes you should be listening for when you are using your Police Scanners. If you would like to assist me in this effort to provide free Police Scanner Codes, you can email any lists you may have to cjones(at)policecodes.org. just replace the (at) with an @ symbol. I do it this way to keep the email spam down.


Here are some easy links to our Local Police Codes Lists.

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Please visit my About PoliceCodes.org page before you leave.

Beginners visit my Police Codes and Signals Basics page.

This is a common Police 10 Code Listing.

This is a list of Local Police Codes called Police 11 Codes.

Common Call Codes List using 14 – 99 Police Codes 14-99.

Make sure you know the Police Officer’s Phonetic Alphabet.

Here is a straight forward Police Officer’s Code of Ethics.

Many People look for different Codes. Take my Police Code Poll.

Since this site is “Police Codes”.org I have an obligation to continue and build these lists of Local Police Codes for Scanners in the United States. We live in a large Country and there are many variations from State to State and from City to City. I’ll continue with my research to pull these together so the proper American Police Codes scanner list for your area is available here.

Notice: The Red Sponsored Links on the right side and bottom of this Page are closely related to my Subject. I believe I’m presenting this Subject the clearest. Do you??


For those of you wanting to become Police Officers:

I commend you! We all hope the day doesn’t come when we are in need of protection and in those times when one or more of us needs you, I say thank you. I hope this site assists you the next time you need to lookup a Police code. For those of you considering becoming a Police Officer I would like for this site to have been useful for you.

One last point, please, if anyone finds that I have an error anywhere on the site please email me or leave a comment so that I can make the correction, my email is listed above. I want PoliceCodes.org to be known as the source for this type of information and as time passes the site will have a large wealth of Police Code related information available to all. 


If you are shopping for Police Radio Scanners for Sale

I have found a source with a good selection of name brand Police Scanners / Radio Scanners at very good prices. They carry basic or advanced police scanners including complete pre-selected packages with Scanners, Software, cables and Scanner Frequency books. You could place an order today and by tomorrow recieve your brand new Base or Portable Scanner package fully complete.

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Great Reference Resource for Scanner Buffs

As I find Police Code related products that I believe are the best available I will list links to them on this site. The following link has terrific printed books with confirmed Scanner Frequencies used in the local areas. This is good Scanner Radio related Stuff!

Check out ScannerStuff.com


Last but not Least, I’ve selected some other types of Goodies

I myself have spent several thousands of dollars at Tiger Direct. My most recent purchase was for a Samsung 24″ top of the line for only $429. This is the best of the best and I”m happy. On some of the list pages I’ve selected other products that I think are good deals. If you find what Police Codeyou’ve been looking for here then please take the time to look at all of the nice color adds at the bottom of the lists. You might find something you’ve been looking for and at the same time help this support this site. If you yourself can provide something of value for people looking for Police Codes or Police Scanner related products I urge you to contact me. I’ll look over what you have and if it looks good will place it on PoliceCodes.org.


Thank you for visiting PoliceCodes.org. Please pass news of my site to your friends, I would appreciate it very much. My income from the site is minimal as the sponsored adds are seldom explored. Everyone just wants the codes.



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