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  2. TedNum1

    I was looking for the police codes that cops use when they are talking on the radio. I just bought a scanner and sometimes they talk too fast and use cop codes for me to know what is going on.
    These will help me some.
    Thank you…

  3. angela middleton

    can you e- mail me the codes for a scaner to re do it
    i need them for wis you can send to my email..

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  5. Douglas McCray

    I have heard three different police depts that use “four-eight” to mean OK or 10-4.

    One is in south Jersey and the others central/north Jersey.

    I assume this remainder was part of an abandoned ‘four’ code. The depts that use it do not use any other 4 codes.

    Ring any bells?

    K2QWQ (long time public safety listener)

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