Police Codes

Police Codes what are they?

Police Codes and signals are sequences of numbers and sometimes letters to describe a situation with the local Police Department. The following American Police Code Articles will provide documentation for a number of Free Police Codes and signals on record. These Local Police Code lists should be all you would need to understand when you listen to the Police Scanners and if you are considering being a Police Officer then I hope these lists will assist you in your Cadet training.

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This is a common Police 10 Code Listing.

This is a list of Local Police Codes called Police 11 Codes.

Common Call Codes List using 14 – 99 Police Codes 14-99.

Make sure you know the Police Officer’s Phonetic Alphabet.

Here is a straight forward Police Officer’s Code of Ethics.

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Since this site is “Police Codes”.org I have an obligation to continue and build these lists of Local Police Codes for Scanners in the United States. We live in a large Country and there are many variations from State to State and from City to City. I’ll continue with my research to pull these together so the proper American Police Codes scanner list for your area is available here.


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